Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

Inside this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we talk to some Journey the traveling blogger supporting Jessie, with Jessica Festa. We talk with her favourite destinations around the planet, the beneficial travel blogging classes she offers to her viewers, her about how her passion for traveling was first sparked, plus much more! Find out what to do in her New York City if you visit and see where she is headed!

How did your passion for traveling get started?

Though it up was USA street trips to theme parks along with a good deal of cruises my parents had a fascination with traveling. It was when I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia that I was actually”bitten by the travel bug”. That was when I decided I wanted — more like wanted — to create travel a major portion of my own life.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

Just how are you traveling in any given calendar year? Which are the types of places you want to see?

In mid 20s and my early I did a whole great deal of three-to-four month backpacking trips through South East Asia/China South America, and Europe. Presently in my early 30s — engaged and living with my fiancé and cat — I do one week of traveling though I will go out for months.

You had been born and raised in New York. Why is New York such a great tourist destination? What do you suggest people do when they visit?

I only got back from 1 month in Nepal, and I will be heading for a week.

You started your travel website back in 2011. What has been the inspiration behind it? Why is it distinct from the other travel content on the market?

I still love long trips but I miss furbaby and my own fiancé too much to depart all of the time as I used to.

Besides sharing travel tips you provide several classes and custom trip preparation. What can travelers and learn from you and bloggers expect when they operate together?

What I find lots of people don’t understand is that New York — as a state — is enormous. Naturally there’s NYC, that is so culturally diverse you could”travel the world” without leaving the city. Photo tours are really led by me here, along with my guests always comment amazingly it is that they’ll hear even more or even five languages being spoken to the Brooklyn Bridge!

What do you want audiences learn and to achieve from the job?

There is more nature than people expect. I saw dolphins jumping at Jacob Riis Beach in Queens! At Pelham Bay Park in The Bronx that there are many waterfall climbs, and you’ll be able to reserve a whale watching tour from Queens.

Which are?

But New York also offers daytime and weekend getaways from the city. I mean, right which fish-shaped island jutting out of Manhattan where Brooklyn and Queens are situated — has over 50 wineries simply to name a couple of adventures, along with also seal hiking diving.

Give us a’Top 5′ record for one of the top 3 destinations. Like even a to-do list of sorts or a mini-guide. It may be anything from your favourite hotel, the ideal spot to have lunch, the ideal holiday season, etc..

About a five-hour driveway from Manhattan is the 1000 Islands, a summer destination featuring 1,864 islands across Canada and New York.

How many nations have you seen so far?

From the Adirondacks, you are able to hike up mountains attaining 5,344 feet (Mount Marcy).

Which are the top 3 favourite perfumes?

This is only a small sampling of all the things that make New York really great!

What’s your favourite restaurant in the world? What dish do you recommend there?

As I became increasingly obsessed with traveling during college I started to have a major change of heart about what I wished to do in life. I went to wanting to figure out how I could continue traveling, from wanting a Manhattan PR project.

What’s your favourite traveling movie?

I graduated with my. Now I did not really know what a website was beyond a kind of journal. But because I searched for traveling jobs, I found that there were normal people — non-celebrities, as in — making an income via traveling blogging. And I was able to stop my job in a year and pursued it aggressively.

What’s your favorite international airport?

In terms of Exactly What makes mine different from other travel blogs — particularly other solo travel blogs — a few Items are:

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

Which city had the friendliest people?

My style is all-inclusive and conversational. My audience may have and will attempt to respond it. I include a great deal of videos and photos — and frequently resources like infographics, packing lists and journey preparation printables to be certain everyone can replicate my trip.

Who is your favourite traveling companion?

Conclusion My tagline is”taking you outside the guidebook,” and I plan to weave offbeat and lesser-known adventures with sustainable tourism.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

What’s the best method to kill time?

*I also cover traveling blogging as a issue for those wanting to make this an ongoing lifestyle.

What’s the most exotic location you have been taken by your livelihood?

My main items are my own NYC photo tours along with my blogging traveling classes, with my signature.

What’s your very best bit or is about to embark on a life of traveling?

Concerning working as a blogger trying to Construct a Company with me, students can Anticipate:

What are without?

My teachings are mission-oriented. Whether you’re carrying my course about working with my Facebook Ads masterclass brands or something different, I tie each of strategies of making a mission-based website into the idea. Fundamentally, I think focusing on nurturing and growing an area is both ethical and will help make your company sustainable.

What’s your ultimate dream destination?

I do not return. I have learned over and over again that 1 difficulty people see in other online classes is that they learn an idea but to use it in actual life. My goal is also to supply all the needed assets and illustrations, and to never leave anyone at the lesson when I create my classes.

What’s your favourite traveling quotation?

I teach in a step-by-step manner. My classes are helping students hit on milestones — in the ideal order and about emotion.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

Where are you headed?

I’m friend and a mentor. My blogging company is very human. Personally, I respond to all student mails, and have grown friendships with a lot of my students , especially my Traveling Blog Prosperity members every month, as we’ve got three calls.


In terms of what I Need people Know and to gain from my Job, my blog really has two Components:

*Helping Pupil bloggers build profitable online businesses

*Helping to empower people — Mostly women — to travel solo and Quit waiting

They both fall under the habit of helping travelers to feel confident making their fantasy lifestyle, what they have been brought up to think they ought to do or even when it goes against societal standards while these different missions exist.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

It’s always difficult to narrow down destinations. There are so many choices! But three I adored:

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

a) Panama. Because you’re able to see a few of the most incredible landscapes, so embark on hikes that are genuinely unique, stay to have adventures you may not have the capability to have in your home, I am partial to South and Central America. I really loved — I was really torn between putting Panama and Patagonia — When there are many destinations in Latin America I really love. More on that in the question!

B) Bhutan. The culture this is unbelievably well-preserved, and you may do everything out of increase until the early Tiger’s Nest Temple, trekking in Jakar, ” The Switzerland Of Bhutan to viewing the rare crane in the Phobjikha Valley.  Yes, even the fee to visit Bhutan makes it expensive, but it’s well worth it to learn more about this country’s beauty .

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

C) Nepal. This is my trip. Wow! Suffering during the Annapurna Himalayas has been a fantasy experience for mepersonally, and I got to do a lesser-traversed trail. It was an incredible opportunity to connect with locals, see animals like yaks and water buffalo, and watch a number of the world’s greatest peaks.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

Here is a mini guide for Panama:

In 66 storeys at the Panaviera Pool Bar, sip on a cocktail At Panama City.

To Bibi’s, have a brief boat trip By Bocas Town about the Beach for a sunset fish meal around the water.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

In the La Loma Jungle Lodge & Chocolate Farm, stay At Bocas del Toro.

In Boquete, Encounter some of the best hiking Panama via cloud forest Paths like the Lost Waterfalls Trail and the Pipeline Trail.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

At El Valle de Anton, do the La India Dormida hike.

There are amazing views and waterfalls.

For anyone interested, this is my comprehensive Panama itinerary.

I actually don’t count, funnily enough!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

My top three favourite cakes are Italian (my paternal grandparents are from Italy), Japanese and Mexican.

One of my absolute favorite dining experiences is currently doing the cocktail and food pairing menu at The Aviary in Chicago and NYC. It’s definitely not inexpensive, but you will be surprised by the chef with a few incredible tastes. Bonus: Each cocktail that emerges is an experience.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

My travel film is Midsommar. It’s likely not what most people would consider a travel movie but I really like terror.

I’m satisfied with any airport that takes Priority Pass, like I generally hole up in the lounge pretend I’m a bartender and create cocktails while relaxing, or to drink copious quantities of coffee and do work.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

You know, I often discover that many cities are friendly when you share that you’re a visitor and you excited to be there and learn more about this place. When you know the principles of how things operate there.

For instance, in NYC I am frequently told by my guests they are amazed by how friendly New Yorkers really are. I am not saying we are going to win an award or anything, but so long as you know how not to get in the way of daily life — ie, do not block the pavement to take an Instagram photo and do not attempt to push in the subway as people are still coming out — then we are delighted to help you.

While I usually travel solo, I profoundly cherish any trip I could do with my own fiancé, Andy. So far we’ve done a variety of US cities, Panama, France and Italy. We’ll be heading on a cruise in October and I am beyond excited!

As a traveling blogger it’s rare I ever have true downtime. I could work forever. But I know this, so I will really schedule in downtime!

The place I have ever seen is Bhutan. I am yet to experience a location with a culture that’s so different from what I know as someone from New York.

Don’t plan every detail. Plan your trip’s very beginning, and leave space to let things just happen. You might meet with other travellers who wish to hang with for a little, or you learn. Leave room to allow these discoveries to take place.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

Four things I might never traveling without are my cam (because I am a fulltime writer ), my personal alarm (for security ), my motto shawl (since it comes in handy for style, picnics and about cold airplanes ), along with a laptop (to unleash my creativity when traveling motivates me).

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

My fantasy destination, at least at this minute, is Tanzania, relax on Zanzibar, also specifically to increase Kilimanjaro, see wildlife in Serengeti National Park.

My favourite travel quotation is”She believed she could, so she’d” — R.S. Grey. I don’t think it’s traditionally a travel quotation, but I think about it as one.

My next trip is to explore England, specifically Carlisle, Lancaster and Chester.

Jessie Festa is the online responsible tourism and culture magazine and proprietor of this Royal female and travel website in addition to a native New Yorker, Epicure & Culture. She’s been teaching blogging classes. If not galavanting across the globe, you can find her top photo tours in New York, sipping on her way during the cocktail landscape, and carrying biking and hip hop classes.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Jessica Festa of Jessie to a Journey

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