Celebrating Easter in Gozo

Easter around the island of Gozo is a genuine joy. It does not coincide with the beautiful season of Spring . however, it is a opportunity to have the culture of the island whose roots are deeply embedded into religion and which have evolved over the centuries into a mosaic of rituals and customs.  Easter about the island of Gozo is an actual joy especially if you’re likely to stay in a farmhouse.

The period before the feast of Easter, called Lent, is connected with penance. For believers, it is preparation or a journey for the feast of Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Lent is a period of sacrifices. In times beef was considered a lavish and withholding meat dishes had been a part of the rituals people followed.   You will encounter several dishes.   Perhaps one of the favorite dishes is the stuffed artichokes. The first artichokes start becoming available in the vegetable market right on the beginning of Lent and they’re generally stuffed with a mix of  breadcrumbs, garlic, garlic, capers and parsely. It makes a great vegetarian dish!

Other dishes that are typical of the season,  include the Kusksu, also a sort of green bean soup that includes miniature bead pasta and refreshing Gozitan cheeselets; qassatat, a  pasty pocket filled with cheese and spinach and tuna pies.  On the other hand, an Individual can appreciate the Kware?imal, the Standard Lenten sweet that even its own name evolved from the Latin word quaresima significance Lent.   You encounter sweet and savoury bread rings known locally since the Apostles’ Ring.  And possibly it is possible to ask for carob sweets made. These candies are offered at local gourmet stores throughout the year, but during Lent, they are offered at several stalls nearby churches or areas at which displays are being held.   Easter cannot be celebrated in Gozo without the traditional Figolla, a sweet pastry that envelopes a coating of yet sweeter almond filling.  Figolli are baked in sizes and various shapes. A number of the favourites are the ones in the shape of rabbits, lambs, mermaids, guitars and hearts!  Figolli include the Easter Egg and are often decorated with coloured or chocolate icing.

The death and resurrection of Christ is best experienced not merely through church agencies and the various festivals but also through the pageants, processions, plays and exhibitions that every single village in Gozo organises when it concerns the nature of the year.   In the profoundly devotional procession of Our Lady of Sorrows, in which lots of devotees accompany the statue from the streets to the celebration of Palm Sunday and the Good Friday processions which include a series of wealthy sculptures representing distinct stations of the Cross, you’ll witness a facet of Gozo that’s only visible during that time.  Many folks participate in these processions as a way of penance are truly gripping to witness some dressed up as Roman allies in fancy costumes and some in dresses or characters trudging heavy strings or chains.

Celebrating Easter in Gozo

G?ammar Hill the shrine of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu at G?arb, is also closely associated with this time of the year.  

The extreme uphill path is marked with marble figurines of the Stations of the Cross and each year an individual can join the pilgrimage that torchlights and makes upward its way towards the surface at dusk carrying candles.   Since the scene from top of the mountain is quite suggestive, the event may captivate the attention of non-believers.

Easter Sunday is all about joy and this is visible in Gozo.  

Celebrating Easter in Gozo

After 40 days of Lent, it’s time for church bells to ring.  Apart from the numerous processions with the statue of the risen Christ, it is a Terrific time to Go to Villa Rundle Gardens at Victoria for your official Gozo Egg Hunt!   The processions with the statue of the Risen Christ, the majority of which are held in the morning are often fascinating to witness since the bearers of the statue make the work and sprint parts of the procession as a portion of the joyous expression. Easter lunch is an important date and the majority of the restaurants will make an effort with the menu on such afternoon ending the meal up with chocolate Easter eggs and traditional Figolla.

Away from customs, culture, food and musical concerts of the season, Easter at Gozo is about ushering in the summer of Spring with a hint of 32, a good deal!  As Easter approaches, the weather is usually clearly warmer.  As the countryside blossoms, the island becomes a destination for travelers of all kinds. Hikers and ramblers may have days of drifting around the trails, the roads can be followed by cyclists to their own hearts’ content and households may enjoy picnics in the beach under clear blue skies.  Some will take their first plunge of the year.