72 Hours in Lesotho

Even the African nation of Lesotho is a country that lots of individuals would have trouble finding on a map, and for great reason. This landlocked country, called the Kingdom in the Sky due to its high elevation, is situated entirely inside the boundaries of South Africa and is so small in area that it just takes 72 hours from Lesotho to research most of the country’s points of interest.


But size is not everything, since the culture and attractions of the country are every bit as lively and immersive as those of a country a dozen times its own size. Lesotho boasts sites and wonders that are sure to enthrall any traveler, such as mountains and mountains, amazing villages shopping lodges, and stunning national parks.   Lesotho is not hard to get to, if you’re already visiting South Africa; the country is merely a seven-hour drive south from Johannesburg or a five-hour drive west in Durban. These are. Here is our 72 hours in Lesotho Travel Guide

Semonkong Lodge

1 place you need to experience for yourself when you go to Lesotho is Semonkong, also a community council in the central region of the nation . The roughly 7,700 residents of the town are dispersed between heaps such as Tšoeu-tšoana, Ha Khonyeli, Ha Sethuoa-Majoe, Ha Tšitso, Motse-Mocha, along with Boitumelo.

Maliba Mountain Lodge

At the local speech of Sesotho, the neighborhood’s name translates to”place of smoke,” a reference to the smoke-like vapor that’s created as the water in the nearby Maletsunyane Falls plummets 186 meters into the lava below. Semonkong, that was first set up in the 1880s as an area of refuge to the Basotho, a Bantu ethnic tribe that had been displaced by the Gun War between 1881 and 1880, can be known as the horse capital of Lesotho.

72 Hours in Lesotho

Tsehlanyane National Park

Have an authentic Semonkong experience by visiting with the marketplace and purchasing some woolen beanies, which you can wear atop your head or round your face to remain warm in this cold, mountainous African country.

No trip to Semonkong is complete quitting by Semonkong Lodge, which provides beautiful and comfortable resorts across the Malestunyane River.

72 Hours in Lesotho

Semonkong Lodge provides twenty-five bedrooms of different kinds and sizes, such as stone-and-thatch rooms that are a gorgeous mix of rustic and tasteful and comprise warm beds and fireplaces; a campsite including warm showers, plug points, along with a braai area; a communal kitchen where you can cook your own food; and also a restaurant and tavern called The Duck & Donkey that sources fresh, local organic produce and provides options for vegetarians and guests with specific dietary needs (with prior notice).

This is the place to stay if you’re searching to research Lesotho. It is situated close to many attractions including the biggest single-drop waterfall in the southern hemisphere, Maletsunyane Falls as well as the neighborhood of Semonkong.  The lodge provides hiking, abseiling, donkey pub crawls, pony trekking, mountain biking, pony trekking, fishing, and more.

When you’re ready to explore the northern portion of Lesotho, search no further than Maliba Mountain Lodge when deciding on a place to remain. This award-winning lodge is the only five-star luxury accommodation of the country and could be discovered in the hills of this Tsehlanyane National Park from Lesotho’s interior.

72 Hours in Lesotho

Maliba Mountain Lodge is flexible in the accommodations they provide, such as comprehensive lodges for visitors who have larger funding luxury and lodges for anyone who have smaller budgets. Their six chalets, that are ideal for couples, offer a great deal of amenities such as heated beds, cable TV, WiFi and floors, and an electronic safe.

They have a bath, private patio, and a fireplace. Their three riverside huts have a queen-sized bed, and the four river lodges on the home can accommodate up to eight people each and are located near a river swimming hole in the national park.

72 Hours in Lesotho

Maliba Mountain Lodge guests looking for enjoyable experiences to embark upon from the area will find no lack of activities, such as horseback riding with a skilled guide, hiking, and even taking cultural visits to the village. Visitors who wish to stick closer to this lodge can enjoy a wonderful massage that is back at their amazing spa. Be certain to carve a chunk of time out to enjoy the conveniences of Maliba Mountain Lodge if you choose to invest 72 hours in Lesotho.

Don’t forget to have a while to enjoy its pristine and wild surroundings, Tsehlanyane National Park while you’re enjoying the luxury and conveniences of Maliba Mountain Lodge. One of the most effective methods to do so is to have a horse trekking excursion into the hills. There are distinct tours you can take, such as ones that just one hour or two, as well as all-day treks.

A stop at the nearby cultural village of Hamadi provides people a glimpse into the life span of the natives, such as visits to your local physician and the local college, touring conventional mud huts, also attempting some conventional beer, which takes seven days to brew and includes a pretty bitter taste. Just keep in mind that, though Lesotho is an African country, it is a one, so make certain that you dress for cold or chilly weather during the summer.

This is a beautiful, eye-opening, and enlightening way to spend a portion of your 72 hours in Lesotho and can be highly recommended for anybody who wishes to find out about culture.

Even in the event that you don’t know a lot about Lesotho until you arrive there, you will leave the country at the conclusion of your trip a human being, as the whole country is the best sort of learning adventure. Between the wonders, the looks into the culture, and also the warm and friendly people you’ll meet at every turn, this place is truly magical. And when you have trouble finding it there is no way you’re ever going to forget the experiences. Spend 72 hours in Lesotho. You will not regret a minute of this.