Macedonia Case Study

Where audiences could find out on what there is to see, eat and do, Timeless Macedonia recently hired davidsbeenhere to promote Macedonia on platforms.

Macedonia Case Study

Re-Cap of Trip

10 Places You Must See in Macedonia


3 Wineries You Have To See at the Povardarie Wine Region of Macedonia


10 Things to See and Do in Skopje, Macedonia


Top Five Things to Do in Bitola, Macedonia


17 Macedonia Instagram Photos That Will Love History

The Cost

Introduction to Macedonian Language

What to See and Do in Bitola, Macedonia

Macedonia Case Study

The Ancient City of Stobi, Macedonia

Things to See and Do in Ohrid, Macedonia

What to See In and Around Skopje

Touring the Povardarie Wine Region in Macedonia

Complete YouTube views: 100,000+ (not adding different programs ). 7,000 average views each day on the YouTube Channel.

David stocks on average 2-3 images daily to his following of (111K).

Videos and all posts have been shared on Facebook because they are published. We invest in advertising our content to viewers around the globe.

David travels using a cinematographer and they are both based in Miami, Florida, USA.

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